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Lens Manufacturer SLR Magic Introduces an 8mm F4.

The manual focus only lens is specifically designed to be light in weight for drones and gimbals. The M43 format has a 2x crop so the equivalent field of view is 16mm. The company states the lens will work on all M43 cameras. The lens is manual and does not have electronics, therefore there is no autofocus. With a weight below 4 oz. the lens is ideally suited for the DJI Inspire series of drones and will work on both the Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 with the X5s interchangeable lens camera system. While the lens is made mostly for drone cinematography, photographers and filmmakers can also use the lens for interiors, landscapes, and architectural photographic work.

The 8mm F4 lens retails for $349

Technical Data

Lens Type:

Ultra wide-angle lens

Compatible Cameras:

All micro four thirds mount cameras

Optical Design:

9 elements in 8 groups

Distance Settings:

Distance range: 0.10m to ∞


Manually controlled diaphragm, 7 aperture blades , Lowest value 16

Angle of view:

140 degrees


micro four thirds

Filter Mount:

Internal thread for 43mm filters; filter mount rotates while focusing.

Filter adapter (included) for 52mm filters

Surface Finish:

Black anodised


Length to bayonet mount:

approx. 41.4mm (approx. 1.63in)

Largest diameter:

approx. 46.1mm (approx. 1.81in)


approx. 110g (approx. 3.9oz)

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